Kosice City Centre Apartment, 98 High Street Info Pack.


This is a brief guide that will give you information about our 2 bedroom flat in the heart of a historic gothic city in the centre of Europe.


Kosice is one of the unspoilt cities of Europe and if you choose to visit now, you will be beating the rush as tourism is on the rise. You will see many coach tours walking around in the early morning and evening from other European nationalities who have already discovered Kosice's beauty.


The apartment is located just off the high street which is accessed via a locked (After 8pm) alleyway.  It is located across from a large Tesco shop and a huge selection of restaurants within a minutes walk. As this is a big high street, you will find all the normal services here, i.e. Pharmacies, Cash Points and a tourist centre. Our personal favourite restaurant is ‘Staromestska’ (www.staromestskapivaren.sk) which is just to the left of the entrance to the apartment's access. This has both local style food as well as some more English style pub grub. It is very reasonably priced and provides an English menu.


Please be aware that you can hear music into the night so if you are light sleepers you may not want to be on the high street as Bar, Resturants and even Coffee shops can be open till the early hours of the morning until everyone leaves. In this flat you can hear music from the coffee shop below which is open till 2am.


Apartment Details.


You will find the refurbish gothic  apartment on the first floor, accessed by a flight of stairs, unfortunately there is no lift.


The apartment has two bedrooms, each is furnished with a double bed. There is a separate shared bathroom with a large walkin shower shower. The main living space is a large livingroom with a small kitchen, but it is highly recommended that you go out and experience the many local restaurants and cafés. The kitchen is fitted with a kettle, oven, hob, microwave and a fridge freezer.


We kindly ask that there is no smoking within the Apartment but there is a balcony at the front of the property and a small one at the back which can be used to smoke.  If you are using the rear balcony we again kindly ask that you avoid allowing smoke to enter the doors. (All cigarette butts must be disposed of and not left in the vicinity. An additional fee could be applied if extra cleaning is required to remove smoke odours.)


We do have wifi, but you can also access free internet in most café’s and restaurants, you may just have to ask for the password. The coffee shop below for example has wifi which can also be accesed in our flat from certain areas.


You will be provided with keys by a family member on arrival and shown around the apartment. If you have any questions please ask.


Travelling to Kosice.


Flights are direct from either Luton or Bristol with Wizz Air. They are a budget airline but as the flights are only just over 2 hours long they are  perfect for cheap option. The one thing to be aware of is most return flights to Luton leave at 6am so be ready for an early morning start. The airport is small though, so getting there an hour early is normally fine. Bargains can be found and we have flown for as little as £30 both ways with Wizzair. Average flight cost with a large hand luggage is around £100 per person. Other airlines do fly but are not normally direct so we find Wizz to be the perfect option.


You can find more information at www.wizzair.com or  www.skyscanner.net


Transfer from Airport.


Kosice Airport is 10-15 minutes car ride away from the Apartment and Taxis cost between 12-15 Euros each way . There are also buses if you prefer but taxis can be found out front of the airport or we can arrange a taxi to be waiting for you.


Things To Do In Kosice.




















As with most city breaks there is a lot to see in the local area. The best thing to do is to sit outside one of the multitude of Bars or Restaurants and soak up the atmosphere of this small city life. Kosice has many Museums and Historic Buildings to look at as well as a City Zoo and Botanical Garden. The Gothic Cathedral is in the middle of the High Street, and is a 5 minute walk from the apartment. You can climb the Cathedrals tower most days for a panoramic view of the city.


There are many places to shop. At the bottom end of the high street, a 10 minute walk away, is a mall/indoor shoping centre.  Aupark Shoping Centre


You may wish to venture out of the city, which again is highly recommended if you are spending more than 4 days in Kosice. You can hire a car and visit one of the many castles dotted around the country. In fact if you drive anywhere you will see many relics on the hill tops as well as some pristine castle. There are also the ‘Salash’ which is a traditional roadside restaurant which historically was run by sheep herders. A new one can be found in the KVP area of the city which is a short bus ride away.


If you like the more adventurous lifestyle, the High Tarta Mountains are an hours train ride away which is amazing for skiing as well as hiking. You may want to look at accommodation here if you are planning to spend any length of time there.


You can find more info at trip advisor   www.tripadvisor/kosice



















Things To Know About Slovakia.


A member of the EU and NATO since mid 2004.


Slovakia became a country in its own right in 1993 when it separated from the Czech republic.


The National dish is ‘Halusky’ which is a potato dumplings with soft cheese mixed in. Normally served with small pieces of bacon on top and a sour cream on the side.


A melting pot of nationalities/ethnic groups: Slovaks (86%), Hungarians (10%), Czechs Rusyns/Ruthenians (related to Ukrainians but different), Romany (Gypsies), Polish, Gorals (from Tatra Mountain region near Polish border),Ukrainian, with heavy influence from Germans and Austrians.


Blessed with 6 UNESCO World Heritage Sites – both natural sites (caves) and cultural sites (castles, old towns and villages).


Capital city: Bratislava, population 452,288, including about 60,000 university.


Catholic(60%), with minorities of Protestants, Greek Catholic, Jews.


Andy Warhol – American-born pop artist, whose parents were from Eastern Slovakia. You can even visit the Warhol museum.




If you have any questions then please just ask. Below is a list of useful numbers for you if this all fails then please hop onto the internet and google, it’s amazing what you will find.


To ask any questions or book, please contact us via email or call the UK contact.


email address             contact@dandmphotography.co.uk

UK Contact                  07970203639

Slovak Contact           **************


Kosice Taxi                  00421911637959


Google Map to 'front enterance'.



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